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Specialize in healthy pet foods development and production, GQ Biotech values our companion pets’ health just as important as our own. In 2008, Dr. Grey and Dr. Quinn, American authorities on pet nutrition, joined and finalized the name of GQ Biotech. By more than 20 years research and cooperation with senior veterinarian, we take advantage of these experiences to present your lovely fluffy dogs and cats the grain free, all nutrition inclusive pet foods. Every production follows standards of NRC, AAFCO, FEDIAF. We provide technical guidance to manufacturers in use of high standard machines. GQ Biotech insists using computers accurately calculate and control all ingredients amounts; with personnel strictly supervise every low temperature cooking details and quality, all the nutrition contain in ingredients will be reserved well in our pet foods.

For pet’s health, GQ Biotech stands on the use of natural ingredients, cooperate with superior farms to extract the best elements, plus the human edible level nutrients. We have committed ourselves to provide the natural solutions to meet the needs of your pets' life stage with high-quality ingredients and unique formulas so your precious pets can live a long, healthy, and happy life.

GQ Biotech put our hearts and love to produce pet foods; owners who choose outstanding GQ Biotech pet foods can pass deep love to their pets. To give your pets the profound love, start from choosing GQ Biotech pet foods






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